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Report: Homeownership Is a Precondition of the American Dream

Achieve the American Dream with the Eusea Team - Fort Collins, CO

Hearth just released their 2017 State of the American Dream report which showed that Americans still see homeownership as an integral piece of the American Dream. The report confirmed that “all generations–including millennials–agree homeownership is very important to achieving the American Dream.” Americans ranked “owning a home I love” higher than any other options (including “starting a family” and “finding a […]

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How Long Do Most Families Stay in Their Home?

Average Length of Homeownership - The Eusea Team

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) keeps historical data on many aspects of homeownership. One of the data points that has changed dramatically is the average length of homeownership, meaning how long a family stays in a home prior to moving. As the graph below shows, for over twenty years (1985-2008), the median tenure averaged exactly six […]

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Realtors: Millennial Buyers Increasing – What to Know

Millennial Homeownership - The Eusea Team, Fort Collins, CO

Recent headlines exclaimed the homeownership rate, as reported by the Census Bureau, rose again in the second quarter of 2017. What didn’t get much attention in the reports is that the millennial homebuyers, American households under the age of 35, have increased a full percentage point from last quarter’s 34.3% to 35.3%. Millennia homebuyers have […]

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3 The Importance of Home Equity in Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning with Home Equity

We often discuss the difference in family wealth between homeowner households and renter households. Much of that difference is the result of the equity buildup that homeowners experience over the time that they own their home. In a report recently released by the nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), they reveal how valuable equity can […]

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Myth Busters! Don’t Let These Misconceptions Hold You Back from Homeownership

Homeownership myths busted with the Eusea Team

Many people have misconceptions about how the home buying process works and many homeownership myths abound. In fact, in a recent Fannie Mae article, “What Consumers (Don’t) Know About Mortgage Qualification Criteria,” revealed that “only 5 to 16 percent of respondents know the correct ranges for key mortgage qualification criteria.” This means that very few people […]

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2 4 Reasons to Buy a Home THIS Summer!

Buy a House this Summer with the Eusea Team

Nothing says summer quite like… homeownership! This summer, don’t put your dream of owning your own home off any longer. Waiting doesn’t make sense, the sooner you start building equity the better. Now is a great time to buy and the Eusea Team can help you make it happen. Here are four great reasons to […]

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