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Freddie Mac: Rising Mortgage Rates DO NOT Lead to Falling Home Prices

Rising Interest Rates

Recently, Freddie Mac published an Insight Report titled Nowhere to go but up? How increasing mortgage rates could affect housing. The report focused on the impact the projected rise in mortgage rates might have on the housing market this year and how they could affect Northern Colorado home values.  Many believe that an increase in mortgage rates will cause a […]

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First-Time-Homebuyer: Should You Buy Your First Home?

First-Time-Homebuyer - The Eusea Team

There are many people sitting on the sidelines trying to decide if they should purchase a home or sign a rental lease. Some might wonder if it makes sense to purchase a house before they are married and have a family, others might think they are too young, and still, others might think their current […]

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The Benefits of Homeownership Go Beyond the Financial

Northern Colorado Homeownership - The Eusea Team

Homeownership is a major part of the American Dream. As evidence of that, 91% of Americans believe that owning a home is either essential (43%) or important (48%) to achieving that “dream.” In a market where some people may be unsure about the benefits and possibilities of buying a home, it is important that we remember this. Owning a […]

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Colorado Home Equity: How Much Has Yours Gained?

Colorado Home Equity - The Eusea Team, Fort Collins, CO

Recent reports have found many homes across the country have regained significant equity since the housing crisis. Colorado home equity is no exception; nearly 90% of homes in Colorado have significant home equity, meaning many homeowners in Colorado are in great position to sell their current homes, leveraging this equity to make dreams come true. […]

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