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Millennials Are Skipping Starter Homes for Their Dream Homes

Starter Home - The Eusea Team

A new trend has begun to emerge. With home prices skyrocketing in the starter home category, many first-time homebuyers are skipping the traditional starter homes and moving right into their dream homes. What’s a Starter Home? According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), simply put, a starter home is a one or two-bedroom home (sometimes even a […]

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The COST of Your Next Home Will Be LESS Than Your Parents’ Home Was

The Cost of Owning a Home - The Eusea Team

There is no doubt that the price of a home in most regions of the country is greater now than at any time in history. However, when we look at the cost of owning a home, it is cheaper to own today than it has been historically. The Difference Between PRICE and COST The price of a home is the […]

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What Is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?

Private Mortgage Insurance - The Eusea Team

When it comes to buying a home, whether it is your first time or your fifth, it is always important to know all the facts. With the large number of mortgage programs available that allow buyers to purchase homes with down payments below 20%, you can never have too much information about Private Mortgage Insurance […]

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Boomerang Buyers: Most Qualify for Financing in 2-3 Years

Buying a Home After Bankruptcy

According to a new study from Lending Tree, Americans who have filed for bankruptcy may be able to rebuild enough credit to qualify for a home loan in as little as 2-3 years. We’re here to tell you, buying a home after bankruptcy is possible sooner than you may think.  This is in stark contrast to the belief that […]

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You Can Save for a Down Payment Faster Than You Think!

Down Payment Saving - The Eusea Team

Saving for a down payment is often the biggest hurdle for a first-time homebuyer. Depending on where you live, median income, median rents, and home prices all vary. So, we set out to find out how long it would take to save for a down payment in each state. Using data from the United States Census […]

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