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Why are Existing Home Sales Down?

The latest Existing Home Sales Report issued by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed that home sales have decreased for four consecutive months and are at their slowest pace in over two years. This has some industry leaders puzzled considering the fact that the economy is strengthening, unemployment is down, and wages are beginning to rise. This begs […]

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Having Trouble Saving Enough for Your Down Payment? Crowdfund It!

Creative Ways to Get a Downpayment - The Eusea Team

You read that right! First-time buyers across the country are finding creative ways to get a down payment and The Eusea Team is here to help you with a couple of them! Many couples are asking their wedding guests to contribute to their “Down Payment Fund or Registry” rather than fulfilling a traditional registry. This […]

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Housing Market: Another Gigantic Difference Between 2008 and 2018

Northern Colorado Housing Market - The Eusea Team

Some are attempting to compare the current housing market to the market leading up to the “boom and bust” that we experienced a decade ago. They look at price appreciation and conclude that we are on a similar trajectory, speeding toward another housing crisis. The same has been said about the Northern Colorado housing market.  […]

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The Eusea Team: Your LOCAL Mortgage Lender

Local Mortgage Lender - The Eusea Team

Local matters. Local food tastes better and is usually better for you. Shopping local keeps your hard-earned money in your community, and working with local businesses almost always results in better service, solutions, and outcomes. Shopping for a mortgage loan is no different. Working with a local mortgage lender on The Eusea Team makes all […]

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Are You Wondering If You Can Buy Your First Home?

Buy My First Home - Eusea Team

There are many people sitting on the sidelines trying to decide if they should purchase a home or sign a rental lease. You might even be searching for info about “Buy my first home.” Some might wonder if it makes sense to purchase a house before they get married or start a family, some might think they […]

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