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The Eusea Team: Your LOCAL Mortgage Lender

Local Mortgage Lender - The Eusea Team

Local matters. Local food tastes better and is usually better for you. Shopping local keeps your hard-earned money in your community, and working with local businesses almost always results in better service, solutions, and outcomes. Shopping for a mortgage loan is no different. Working with a local mortgage lender on The Eusea Team makes all […]

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Are You Wondering If You Can Buy Your First Home?

Buy My First Home - Eusea Team

There are many people sitting on the sidelines trying to decide if they should purchase a home or sign a rental lease. You might even be searching for info about “Buy my first home.” Some might wonder if it makes sense to purchase a house before they get married or start a family, some might think they […]

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Millennials Are Skipping Starter Homes for Their Dream Homes

Starter Home - The Eusea Team

A new trend has begun to emerge. With home prices skyrocketing in the starter home category, many first-time homebuyers are skipping the traditional starter homes and moving right into their dream homes. What’s a Starter Home? According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), simply put, a starter home is a one or two-bedroom home (sometimes even a […]

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New Study Shows ‘Best States for Millennials’

A new study by WalletHub used “30 key metrics, ranging from share of millennials to millennial unemployment rate to millennial voter-turnout rate” to find out which states are the ‘Best States for Millennials.’ Here at The Eusea Team, we’re happy to announce Colorado is among the top 10 best states for millennials. The Top 5 Best States for Millennials are: Washington, D.C. (also ranks […]

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The COST of Your Next Home Will Be LESS Than Your Parents’ Home Was

The Cost of Owning a Home - The Eusea Team

There is no doubt that the price of a home in most regions of the country is greater now than at any time in history. However, when we look at the cost of owning a home, it is cheaper to own today than it has been historically. The Difference Between PRICE and COST The price of a home is the […]

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