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Local Mortgage Lender - The Eusea TeamLocal matters. Local food tastes better and is usually better for you. Shopping local keeps your hard-earned money in your community, and working with local businesses almost always results in better service, solutions, and outcomes. Shopping for a mortgage loan is no different. Working with a local mortgage lender on The Eusea Team makes all the difference. 

Homebuyers and Realtors alike recognize the benefits of working with a local mortgage lender. The Eusea Team is proud to sit down with every client and provide individualized and creative solutions to help our clients and Realtors find solutions that work. We are real humans, providing real service to everyone we work with.

The benefits of choosing a local mortgage lender over an internet shop include:

  • Easier Transactions: Our biggest priority is to provide excellent customer service and communication throughout the entire process for both Realtors and homebuyers. This ensures buyers close on their new home on time with fewer hiccups, but more importantly, reduces stress by making the process as easy as possible. Our goal is to make the entire transaction as painless as possible for all involved. With us, you’re not just another number and you’ll never be directed to department after department to answer your questions.
  • We Know the Rules: Mortgage lending rules and regulations vary state by state. Online lenders are almost always based out-of-state and are often not as attuned with Colorado state mortgage laws as a local lender will be. The Eusea Team is licensed in Colorado and we have the expertise and experience you need to navigate the laws specific to our state.
  • We’re Committed to Your Success: Northern Colorado isn’t that big of an area and our business has grown at the hands of referrals. If we didn’t do a good job with every transaction we’re a part of, people would know and would stop referring to us. Our reputation is on the line and we work hard to make sure every closing goes smoothly to help make our customers want to refer us to their friends and family. Online lenders have no skin in the game and don’t care if they drop the ball here and there, they’re just waiting for the next person to come to their website, whereas we’re a small business and work hard for any transaction we’re a part of.
  • There’s Value in a Face-to-Face Transaction: There’s nothing like picking up the phone or meeting in person for coffee with a real person. We’re not some telemarketing company, we only have a few employees and every time you call, you’ll get one of us. We’re all here to help you. We remember your name, the home you’re working on buying, and we answer your questions so we can get you in your dream home.
  • Local Real Estate Lender - The Eusea TeamGet Your Offer Accepted: If the seller’s Realtor has any experience, they are going to be much less likely to accept an offer that is backed by an internet lending company. These out-of-state lenders have a reputation of delaying or preventing the closing of the home and savvy Realtors are going to recommend their clients pick a strong offer by a local lender they’ve had prior experience with. Your offer is much more secure and will be more likely to be accepted when you’re pre-approved with a local lender.
  • Guarantee: And finally, by working with the mortgage lenders on The Eusea Team, we’ll offer you or your clients a full credit approval, complete with a $10,000 guarantee that you’ll close on the new home on time! What other lender has your back like this?

We see it all the time, out-of-state lenders can’t deliver like a local lender can. For instance, take this example, Colorado is a WET FUNDING state, meaning you must have all funds or wires transfers BEFORE the closing starts, if not the seller can walk away with the earnest money and you may very well lose the house. Other states have different rules. Virtual lenders often drop the ball and don’t fund Colorado home buys on time because they might not be aware of our state laws that require the money at the time of the close. This means you could be at risk to lose a great deal of money and the home.

Local is simply better. Work with The Eusea Team to get the time and attention you or your clients deserve in the home buying process. When you work with a local mortgage lender like The Eusea Team, we promise your transaction will go much smoother than if you were to work with an out-of-state, internet shop. Contact us today to get started!

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