Colorado Home Equity: How Much Has Yours Gained?

Recent reports have found many homes across the country have regained significant equity since the housing crisis. Colorado home equity is no exception; nearly 90% of homes in Colorado have significant home equity, meaning many homeowners in Colorado are in great position to sell their current homes, leveraging this equity to make dreams come true.

Colorado Home Equity - The Eusea Team, Fort Collins, CO

A recent report from CoreLogic revealed that over 80% of all homes across the country now have “significant equity,” which means the home has over 20% equity. That level of equity allows the homeowner to sell their home if they so desire. 

This means, as many as nine in ten Colorado home equity cases are positive, giving homeowners significant leverage to plan for retirement, to refinance to pay down debt, buy a second vacation home, or sell and move up to the home of your dreams. Your home equity could be very high, especially if you’ve owned your Northern Colorado home for several years.

Here is a map showing the percentage of homes in each state which currently have significant equity:

Colorado Home Equity - The Eusea Team, Fort Collins, CO If you own a home in Colorado, we would love to help you analyze your home to determine the equity you’ve built up over the years. You might be surprised just how much your home is worth and thus, how much equity you have.

Colorado home equity, and home equity in many other states can boast significant equity gains. Now is a great time to buy for these equity rates, as well as, historically low interest rates. Contact the Eusea Team in Fort Collins, to learn more about how your Colorado home equity can be used to make your dreams come true. We’ll think outside the box and help you come up with creative and financially savvy decisions that make the most sense for your family. We can’t wait to get started!