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It’s Tax Season… Use Your Refund to Jump Start Your Down Payment Savings!

Tax Refund - The Eusea Team Northern Colorado Mortgage Loan Experts

According to data released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Americans can expect an estimated average tax refund of $2,840 this year when filing their taxes. This is down slightly from the average refund of $2,895, last year. A tax refund is often thought of as ‘extra money’ that can be used toward larger goals; for anyone looking to […]

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80% of Renters Believe Homeownership is a Part of Their American Dream

Renters - The Eusea Team, Fort Collins, CO

According to the latest Aspiring Home Buyers Profile by the National Association of Realtors(NAR), 82% of surveyed renters desire to own a home in the future, with 80% believing homeownership is a big part of achieving their American Dream. The profile went on to state that 50% of millennials believe that their rent will increase, with 20% believing […]

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Which Comes First… Marriage or Mortgage?

According to the National Association of REALTORS most recent Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, married couples once again dominated the first-time homebuyer statistics in 2017 at 57% of all buyers. It is no surprise that having two incomes to save for down payments and contribute to monthly housing costs makes buying a home more attainable. First-time buyers can […]

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2 U.S. Housing Inventory Hits a New Low… List Your House TODAY!

Sell Your Home - The Eusea Team

In case you haven’t heard, the real estate market in Colorado is extremely hot right now and Northern Colorado is no exception. Coupled with the fact that home equity is at an all time high and mortgage rates remain historically low, now is a great time to sell your home. Mortgage rates have hovered around 4% […]

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2 Mortgage Interest Rates: Then Vs. Now

Mortgage Interest Rates - Eusea Team, Fort Collins

Be Thankful You Don’t Have to Pay Mom and Dad’s Mortgage Interest Rates It’s no secret mortgage interest rates vary from time to time, but we often forget to look at the bigger picture. Mortgage interest rates saw a huge peak in the 1980s and have generally had a downward trend since that time. Mortgage […]

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